About Us

Taking you through the stories of Uttarakhand

Stay Inn Kausani is our first foray into building a series of unique experiences for tourists visiting the state of Uttarakhand. The first of the venture that will slowly develop into a series of offerings that we would like you to partake under the larger umbrella of "Stay Inn Uttarakhand"

As Stay Inn Kausani, we want to present an array of comfortable yet unique stays from where you get an opportunity to gain deeper experience of local culture, destination, activities and food.

We want to give you the option to spend time as an experiential traveller instead of a tourist as you learn about the routines of the local people - what drives, how they get their food on the plate, what sustains them; and also what gives them happiness in the form of food, music and dance.

Our aim would be to create roads so that you can get a closer insight and join in their celebrations. We would love to host you for weeks instead of days while you write a book warming yourself with fresh tea from the estate nearby or enjoy a lovely supper from farm-to-table or just relax watching the sun do down shining its light on the majestic Himalayan Mountains.